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Client Testimonials


The Law Offices Of Eric Franz, PLLC, provides top-tier legal representation to clients throughout New York and the country. Eric Franz is no stranger to the courtroom – federal or state. Read what his former clients have to say about working with him:


I found myself in the unfortunate situation of needing an attorney to defend my teenager against an alleged DUI case, coupled with leaving the scene of an accident.  Thank God a friend of mine referred me to Eric Franz.  Anyone who does their research will see for themselves that Eric is one of best defense attorney’s in NY.  What you may not realize is how amazing he is to work with in the process of supporting your defense.  Eric took the time to counsel me and my child extensively; beyond just ensuring we had the best the defense possible, Eric wanted to ensure that we never found ourselves in this unfortunate situation again.

Thanks to Eric the result of our legal situation could not have ended any better.

I sincerely hope that anyone reading this testimonial will never need Eric’s services.  But if you do, working with Eric Franz may be the one of the best decisions that you ever make.
It certainly was for me and my family. –Relieved Parent


I don’t usually write reviews but this one was a must. I was recommended to the Law Offices of Eric Franz and called them for legal help. Not only did my legal issues get resolved with a successful outcome but they also got me through a very emotionally trying time with their very caring attitude. They treated me like family, and I am very grateful. I highly recommend this wonderful law firm. – Lynne

Let Him Work His Magic

Just listen to him and let him work his magic. I was in an “uncomfortable situation” with the federal government and like a skilled surgeon, he took control and solved my problem. He marshalled me through the legal situation the with expertise, skill and compassion. I cannot recommend him more highly! – Retired Detective R.O.

Eric is a Superstar!

He is smart and he will live and breathe your case.
I never thought I would find myself needing a defense attorney, but I did, I am thankful that Eric Franz was the attorney who defended me. Eric fought for me at trial. I had a lot on the line, my law degree, my career…and Eric understood that. He cared. I saw how hard he worked, not only in the courtroom but in preparation for trial. He was dedicated and thorough. He knew every detail of my case and was prepared for any curve ball the prosecution tried to throw. He knows how to strategize and lead a team. I am relieved that a three week trial ended with my acquittal. I cannot recommend Eric highly enough. – Naoki 

Outstanding Attorney

Eric Franz did an outstanding job with the handling of my criminal defense case from the moment it started until the conclusion. His cool calm demeanor was evident throughout the process. I felt very confident in his abilities and efforts to navigate through the court system. He made me feel extremely comfortable by each step of the process in detail and answered all of my questions and concerns promptly. He made himself available whenever necessary. I would highly recommend him. – Chris

The Best Of The Best

Eric was referred to me by my divorce attorney to handle an exceedingly difficult case of DUI. He ended up winning the case for me and I consider his efforts unparalleled in the legal profession. Eric was the utmost professional and made me feel like I was in the best of hands. He is a legal genius in his knowledge of the law and due process. He went over and over and over each detail of the case and knew it better than I did as we prepared for trial. I cannot say enough excellent or amazing things about this man as an attorney in his field. He has the highest standards and moral character and legal excellence. I would give him a score above and beyond 10 for how he handled my situation. – Anonymous

Excellent Attorney!

Eric Franz is so efficient and really knows how to make you feel confidant in his abilities. I had a delicate situation with my daughter and he was the best – going above and beyond to represent her with the outcome he said he would achieve. I highly recommend Eric and even though I did not meet him personally as I do not live in NY, he took the time to keep me updated constantly, always making me feel confident in the procedure. I hope I don’t need him again but if I did I would contact him in a heartbeat and would recommend him to anyone! Thank you for your impeccable service and caring approach! – Jane

Helped Me With A Difficult Situation

Eric was referred to me by a close friend, and he was able to help me with my case. He was not only professional with his knowledge but, made me feel at ease with his confidence about my case. All said and done he made a difficult situation much easier and I felt comfortable using him. I highly recommend him and will use him again if I need to. – Ron

Best Experience I Hope To Never Do Again!

Look no further. I was referred to Eric by a friend of a friend who is an attorney and knew of Eric’s reputation. Upon learning of Eric, I went to his website and saw all the celebrities and high profile people he had represented and thought to myself, there is no way I can afford this guy! I was wrong. I called Eric, and he immediately put my mind at ease. He walked me, step by step, through the legal process in a very patient and deliberate manner, stopping along the way to make sure! understood everything he was saying. As a first and last) time offender, I was completely clueless and could’ve easily been taken advantage of. From the minute I spoke with Eric, I felt confident that I had some serious ammo in my corner, and as corny as it may sound, I felt like I had a friend who genuinely cared about me and the outcome of my case. Mind you, all of this occurred before the word payment was even mentioned. Eric worked with me on building a payment structure that was more than accommodating (and well under what he could have charged), he provided two options, and truly made me feel like the money was secondary. He explained in great detail what I was hiring him for, and how he was going to approach my case. All my nerves and anxiety were put to rest. I felt really good about our game plan, more importantly I felt like I always in control and that what I wanted was important to Eric.

Walking around the courthouse with Eric is what I would imagine walking around with the mayor is like. Everyone went out of their way to shake his hand and say hello. Cops, lawyers, judges, clerks, hell even the cafeteria staff knew him by name. I felt like we were walking in with unfair advantage, which for the record was totally fine with me.

Make no mistake; “the system” is designed to drain you of your time, energy, and resources (money), in hopes of beating you into submission, regardless of your innocence. Eric wouldn’t let the DA’s office get away with any of their little tricks; he was always one step ahead and was meticulous about dates and filing periods. It was clear to me that it was Eric’s goal to make my time in court as short and infrequent as possible, which for someone who was traveling to NY from several states away, was much appreciated.

After my first court appearance with Eric, all of my feelings and assumptions were validated, while I knew it wasn’t going to be as simple as paying a parking ticket, it was clear I made the right decision. Eric’s bedside manner with the prosecution and judge made it seem as if they were all old friends. The mutual respect shown between all the parties eliminated all the discomfort from the courtroom.

Following the subsequent appearances (there’s only so much a great attorney can do- l got the plea I wanted and my case never went to trial. That said, I was so tempted to take my case to trial because I felt like there was no way I was going to lose with Eric. The reality of the matter was that it just to continue fighting something that wasn’t even a criminal offense but rather a violation. In fact it was Eric who advised me not to let my ego and pride get in the way (not easy for me to do) of my decision, and I know he was as confident as I was that it would be open and shut if we decided to take it trial.

For anyone looking for an attorney, no matter what you’ve been charged for, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not at least having a conversation with Eric. He doesn’t sugar coat anything and while you might not like it, he tells it how it is, and is unapologetic in doing so, which is what you want. He frames things (like legal precedent and terminology) in a way that’s easy to understand, and leaves nothing to interpretation. There’s a reason the state brings him in to teach all the new Assistant District Attorneys how to try cases.

Best of luck, I can only hope that your experience in such an unfortunate situation was as positive as mine. – Nick

Awesome Attorney

I am very appreciative to Eric for the way he handled my case. Because of his work, which I feel was above and beyond , I was sentenced to an outcome. never thought possible . Eric not only defended me , but helped me stay positive by assuring me that everything will work out. God Bless! – Jose

A Determined Winner With Knowledge And Experience!

First, I want to thank Eric Franz! My felony assault case took place in a county that is notoriously know as a prosecutor friendly court system, Nassau County Long Island! Eric Franz not only won my felony assault case, he got it thrown out of court by the grand jury. All CHARGES DROPPED! He is a very respectful, responsible , caring, confident, attended, friend, and loyal person. He knows what’s best for his clients and he fights till the end. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs a great lawyer, and trust me the work and dedication that he puts into a case is his all. I wish Eric lots of blessings in his life and continuous success in his practice. Thank you so much Eric Franz! – Anthony

Excellence Personified

Just read “Not Convinced” and had to write this review. Eric Franz represented me in several criminal matters over the years. He is a zealous advocate, an amazing attorney and well respected by both Judges and prosecutors. He achieved amazing results in every one of my matters. He is incredibly knowledgeable and extremely articulate. I recommend him to everyone I know that is seeking a criminal defense lawyer and will continue to do so. – Nick

To Anyone In Need Of An Attorney

In our lifetime many of us will make a mistake and will need a lawyer. I was a NYC detective for almost 28 years. I retired over 20 years ago and became a private investigator. During this time I worked with several lawyers and observed different styles. Most lawyers are professional and promise a lot. Yet, most of the time their clients are just a number to them. Recently, I was hired by a lawyer named Eric Franz. I was totally blown away by his professionalism, his work ethic, and how he truly cares for his clients. He takes the time to sit with clients, prepare their case and he will give every case his all. No matter how many clients he has, each gets his full attention and he adds his personal touch to each one. He handles cases in all five boroughs as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties. Our freedom is very important to all of us and Eric goes out of his way to maintain it. If I ever needed a lawyer who would give me his undivided attention and also the best representation it would be Eric Franz. – Tom


We have been to countless lawyers looking for help in a civil matter,with no success. We met with Mr. Franz and he changed our lives. He made us feel safe and we knew we were in the right hands. We highly recommend and he’s great at what he does. Eternally grateful. – Lily

Brilliant And Strategic

Eric was able to quickly understand a few core concepts regarding a case that he worked on for me, that I had not articulated to him. I had the opportunity to witness Eric, in real-time, without the opportunity of advance preparation, strategically establish a cross examination approach that exposed those core concepts successfully for me. I can not come up with a better word than “brilliant’ but that still doesn’t seem to be adequate.

Eric has tons of experience in both the law and in handling the courtroom so he pretty much maintained control of all the processes. He kept me informed and he “always” remembered particulars in my case that amazed me. To me it is invaluable to be “quickly understood” and not have to repeat myself or remind my attorney on each visit. Eric either does an excellent job of doing his homework, or (in my opinion) he immersed himself in my case so that it naturally flowed as if it were his own experiences.

I’ll probably never be capable of expressing how in awe I am in watching Eric in action. Eric is who you want on your side. – Anonymous

Always Go With The Best

Meeting Eric for the first time i felt that he was a person who cared about my case. Someone who was not just in it for the money. He was strait forward with what he felt he could do with my case and was there for me in and out of the office. The case was out of town and people a rounded me were telling me to choose a lawyer closer to the town it was in. What they didn’t know was how knowledgeable Eric was and how well he knew the laws that applied to my case. After fling twice across county the case was dismissed. If you want someone who will be there for you and fight for your rights the Best is Eric Franz. – Scott

A Lawyer Above The Rest!

I’ve seen many lawyers and none compare to the Eric. I was charged with a felony and needless to say that was the scariest time in my life. The best thing! ever did was walk into Eric’s office. He sat me down and listened to me. Unlike other lawyers who take notes and ask you question after question, Eric looks you directly in the eyes and truly listens to you. He felt my pain and did everything to defend me. As soon as I left his office he called me that same night with an update. Extremely responsive and compassionate he even gave me his home number if I ever needed to talk. I later had to surrender myself to central booking which is probably the worst place to be but Eric was able to get me out in 12 hours. No other lawyer could do that. Throughout this difficult time in my life, Eric did not only defend me, he supported me. Always telling me everything will be and never let me fall into self-pity. Needless to say everything did turn out OK!

Eric is relentless when it comes to defending his clients and his character and passion are second to none. My felony charges were dismissed as a result of this. Eric Franz is the lawyer you want in your corner. – Benny

The Importance Of Choosing The Correct Steps At The Beginning Of Your Case

A cardinal negotiator! Mr Franz at the onset of the case devised a plan of action which resulted in NO INDICTMENT; Thus No Trial! And the outcome was a Dismissal. If you seek an Attorney that will leave no stones unturned, he’s your man. Splendid experience and great person. – Benjamin


From the very 1st day I meet Mr. Franz he was the type of attorney that if he become a doctor in stead, he would have possessed what the medical profession calls great bedside manor to his patients. Some people are good at there professions but not very good at making the clients feel comfortable in such a troubling and traumatizing time as being incarcerated can be, Mr. Eric Franz was so attentive to my case and for that I’m very thankful to him and would not only highly recommend him but would call upon him again if ever | find myself in need of a F#*%# Awesome NYC. Attorney! Eric Franz is indisputably THE BEST! – James

From A Parent’s Point Of View

I have engaged Eric twice for my son’s misconduct. In both instances, Eric was personally on top of the case and made much of two bad situations go away. He worked well with the prosecutors and was able to make a more than fair settlement. Truly, Eric saved my son’s life and career. Could not recommend him more highly. – Anonymous

Don’t Know Where I’d Be Without Eric Franz

Eric Franz represented me for a case in which I was charged with killing someone during a drunk driving accident. Needless to say, I was traumatized and scared beyond belief, but thankfully I hired Eric to represent me. Extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the law, Eric was very stern on obtaining the best result for me. He worked tirelessly on my case and guided me through everything that I needed or wanted to know. This was my first time dealing with the court system and Eric really put me at ease and made me feel confident about everything that he could do. It was a very long journey but Eric was relentless and always handled my case with confidence and control. I definitely felt like Eric always controlled the courtroom because every time that we would enter together everyone knew who he was and knew what he was about. Any time I was confused or concerned Eric was just a phone call away. I cannot overstate my praise for him and can passionately state that if you need a lawyer, and are not with Mr. Franz then you are not with the right lawyer. – Anonymous

The Best

Thank God for Eric Franz. I was referred to him by our family accountant in a last minute situation; I nearly had to spend the weekend in Central Bookings, but Eric got me released Friday evening. After my first meeting with Mr. Franz, I was much more at ease because his tenacity and self-confidence were ever present in his demeanor. He was upfront and to the point. I was informed that my case would take some time, but that Eric would get the desired results. He was very respectful of my time, and he made me very comfortable in the overwhelming backdrop of the NYC courthouse. Other lawyers would go out of their way to greet Eric; he’s like a superstar. My case was dismissed after a few visits to NYC. It was a pleasure to be in his presence and watch him “do his thing.” Eric Franz is a true professional and the epitome of an honest lawyer. – Neil